Straight facts/Datos factuales

Kate and I, particularly Kate, where busier than usual last week hence we skipped an update on our lives and about our mission trip.

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The word “SO” & mission updates. La palabra “así” y actualizaciones de la misión.

Did you know the word “so” is reported to be used unnecessarily often these days? Not just with young hip people, but also in professional fields, government, radio, etc. you can hear a little clip about this trend through this soundcloud link

SO Kate and I would like to let our family, friends, and passer by’s know that we are at about 52% of our fund raising! Praise God!

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Lukewarm coffee/Café tibio

Have you ever had lukewarm coffee? I’m having some right now and I don’t mind. I wonder if Jesus would have cared if he had lukewarm coffee. Kind of silly question and I think about that because whenever the word “lukewarm” comes to mind I think of that passage in Revelation 3:15-17

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