5 days in Nairobi

I’m doing a short update, because i want to do a great update with few words and more pictures!

I’ll just mention that i’ve been having quite a difficult time trying to find something to help me show lot’s of pictures with little work long term. So right now, the short term, i’ve just been looking and looking for the perfect “thing” (in wordpress it’s called a “widget” or “plug in”) to help me do just that in the midst of fun, work, spotty wifi, and more.

For now, the skinny:

June 29th. we arrived sunday night, which is sunday morning in Spokane 😦 and tried to go to sleep. It’s taken us about 3 days to fully adjust and get over our jet lag.

July 30th. We stayed at a missionary type of lodging called Mayfield, it was very lovely hospitality and great food service. They had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We ate with other missionaries and local Kenyan, or otherwise, African ministers. Most not affiliated with AIM, but serving through other programs. We got multiple crash courses; basic Swahili, withdrawing money, on-field orientation, and moving to our permanent location for the next 8 weeks.

July 1st & 2nd. ON SAFARI!!! (this is why i want to put pictures) there is a gentleman and his son that is a part of the short term team leaving tomorrow 7/5/14. As a goodbye gift the team thought we can all go on safari for half a day.

July 3rd & 4th Kate and i have both been at the hangar working and i’m glad i have been able to help. There’s so much that i would like to share that we have seen and been a part of in these past 2 days at the hangar that has been really cool, but i’ll do it some other time.

Prayer requests:

I’ve come to learn there are a good number of opportunities for me to do something, but i ask your prayers to find the “thing” or “things” the Lord can use me best in.

We are a part of a mission team that started about a month ago. The father and son leaving tomorrow is a part of that team and in a few weeks more team members will be leaving until finally the last 2 weeks we will be alone in Nairobi. Not completely alone, but as far as our immediate team goes, everyone will be gone except Kate and i for our last 2 weeks. Pray about that 🙂

Pray for good rest every night.

Again as i said in my last post, pray that Kate and i remember to ask ourselves and ask others “what can i learn & how can i serve?”

Time alone is precious and public displays of affection are a no no and i mean the conservative type. Pray for our unity.

Honorable mentions:

I’m having fun attempting to learn Swahili! 🙂

I’m having fun helping at the hangar and seeing it’s sights

I’m having fun eating Kenyan & indian food. Today i ate a plate full during lunch time for .50 cents!

Kate and i have been thoroughly blessed to stay a few weeks with Jim & Becky Levander and their kids. Four words. What a Godly family!

Thanks for reading



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