Story of a missionary nurse with AIM & Flickr!

We are in the second day of our third week and have a lot on our plates, a lot in our minds, and thankfully with adequate sleep, but not a lot of processing time.

In time I’ll write some thoughts, other times I’ll link my Flickr account here. Kate and I share sentiments, she’s shared them in a previous blog she wrote titled God’s family around the world about wanting to share as much as we can, but not having the time to. I’m finding no other easier way to share our photos of our time in Kenya than this way. I hope you enjoy.

Story time!

On Mondays the maintenance staff and pilots (when they are here in Nairobi and not out flying and ministering) get together at 10:00 AM for chai time to debrief of things that need to get done in the week, prayer requests, sharing of blessings and testimonies.

It is at this time when, in particular, the pilots are back from trips to places where if I knew how to pronounce them I would defer from mentioning because many are to or near closed access areas and/or remote places. They come back with incredible stories of how God himself and God through his faithful people in Christ have been at work.

The latest yesterday was of an American nurse who lives in a remote location of Africa, where there is a strong witchcraft presence near where she lives and a Muslim presence as well. Great combination don’t you think?

She’s been integrating herself well in the community though, she’s adopted and let herself be adopted by an elder of a tribe in a “daughter and father” relationship, learning their unwritten language (which is quite the task), and of course providing her nursing skills to the people, whether from: her tribe, another, and to the Muslim community.

In our meeting the pilot told us that one day she was invited to help a man who was having seizures that lived deep within a community that practiced witchcraft. AIM (Africa Inland Mission) advises it’s missionaries not to go to dangerous places like that, but she told the pilots that the Lord called her to go and help this man.

What’s interesting about her going is that, although she is a nurse, she did not know how to professionally treat seizures. Although she didn’t know how to treat seizures she went because the Lord told her to go. So how was she going to help this man? What was going to happen to her if he didn’t get better?

The man had a seizure when she saw him. The local witch doctor had already tried to heal him before. She came and prayed to God for him. Once she was done praying he at once stopped having his seizures.

That’s it

The Lord called this nurse to go to a dangerous place to help this man, who she did not know personally or know professionally how to help. By faith in Christ she went. By the power of the Holy Spirit in Christ, God healed this man through her prayer. Glory to God.

I don’t know what’s happened since then, the pilot didn’t share more, but they come every Monday with incredible stories like this one. About what God is doing through missionaries who have: limited resources, limited communication, limited protection, physically & materially speaking. But as a Christian this nurse knew AND believed that she had unlimited resources, unlimited communication, & unlimited protection in Christ. Same goes for all the other missionaries with AIM.

Thanks for reading.

Dan P

Flickr is a photo sharing website. If you click on the blue Flickr word you will be sent to my flickr account where you will be able to see & comment on our pictures of Kenya. Again, I hope you enjoy them.

Also, for future reference, if you click on my blogs menu box you will see a drop down list with a link for my Flickr and other social websites of mine not necessarily related with our mission trip.


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