The good, the bad, & the Godly

Well Kate and i missed posting last week, sorry about that.


The last week of July, i think i can speak for Kate, we had 2 highlights.

  1. We went flying in a Cessna (6 seater small plane) to Korr, Kenya. If you click HERE you will see pictures of our flight to Korr and one in the actual location & pictures of our second highlight: camping! I didn’t take many pictures while on the ground because we where there briefly to pick up a short termer that was visiting Korr for 2 weeks. What i can say about Korr is that it is a very remote location. From the air, if it’s not cloudy, you can see groups of circles here and there close to one another where Nomads camp. The circles are Acacia bushes (they have thorns) and their purpose is to keep predators out and their livestock in. Also, not only was it my first time flying in a Cessna, but my first time landing in a dirt & gravel airstrip against the wind. Let me tell you, that, was quite the bumpy & scary landing. The crazy thing about that landing is that that’s not that bad, according to our pilot… geez.
  2. One of the head maintenance guys at AIM AIR invited us to go camping with his family. I immediately said yes: 1 because it had been a long time since i had gone camping (which is unfortunate as i live in the beautiful northwest!) & 2 He offered to camp. IN KENYA. why would anyone pass that up? From Saturday 26th evening to Monday 28th morning of July we camped at Roberts Camp off of Lake Baringo, Northwest of Nairobi. It was beautiful, rainy, filled with birds, some hippos, crocs, and food stealing monkeys. The Holtz’ (the family we went with) where very gracious to provide for most of our needs.

This Week

The week started with 3 planes in the hangar and Kate was able to work on all 3 to some extent: 2 Cessna’s and 1 Caravan. She’s worked mostly on the Caravan, which is new work for her; unfortunately she didn’t get much training at Moody with those kinds of planes. I on the other hand am the Stores manager for 3 weeks, as far as i understand it. Kimani, the actual stores manager, is on leave for 3 weeks so i was asked if i could help filling in. I know a grand total of 0% about airplane parts and other hangar related tools, but after 4 days of doing the work i’m proud to say i’ve caught up fairly quickly and the job isn’t very daunting and It’s good to be affirmed by some of the staff at AIM that they are thankful that i stepped into the position.

Today the last member of our team, Paul, will be leaving. If you have read our previous blog you might remember that we mentioned we came in half way through our teams 5 week mission trip. We are sad that he is leaving, Paul’s been to Kenya many times before and he has been a great help to us, but by now we have grown accustomed to living here and getting around, as far as our needs are concerned. Yesterday Kate & i took public transportation for the second time for practice. Paul was our ride to the Hangar and back and since he’s leaving we’ll be taking “Matatu’s” (small van) to and from the hangar for our remaining 2 weeks.

Speaking of 2 weeks…

Starting TODAY the 8th that’s what we have left. 2 more weeks in Nairobi. I don’t know what to say at the moment about our time almost being up, Kate and i have had time to process many things and i’m sure there will yet be many more to process.

For now i’ll say this. We came out for 2 reasons:

  1. To fulfill Kate’s required internship from Moody in order for her to receive her diploma.
  2. That the Lord would show us as clearly as possible how we will be involved in missions abroad.

For point #1, unless something terrible happens between today and when we go back to the states, that’ll pretty much be in the bag.

Now for #2, being honest with you, we are not sure. Kate and i have been thinking about this one, mostly on our own, thinking about what will we do with missions abroad for the glory of God. But don’t let my “for the glory of God” fool you into thinking we have been diligent saints out here, praying, fasting, and seeking the Lord out daily and i don’t even want to use the word “struggle.” We haven’t been praying much, we haven’t been seeking the Lord in prayer together as we think about missions in our future plans. I mean to mean “our” future plans as the Lord wills it.

Before posting this Kate and i had a conversation about the above. Thanks to the wonderful counselor, we found out our problem is rooted in a lack of a strong marital-spiritual time set aside for the two of us with the Lord. Pray with us as we start, again, to be in prayer and in the word with our heavenly father, through Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. and pray for our remaining 2 weeks here, that we keep Christ at the center of our endeavors of learning how to help & helping out here.


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