Better late than never…

I think my title is very appropriate. Dan and I returned from Kenya almost 5 months ago and I am now just getting to actually updating who ever still might be following our blog. Sorry!

What can I say. We got off the plane in spokane and hit the ground running. We had about 3 days to rest/go through culture shock all over again before life in the states quickly caught up with us. Dan returned to cooking at the Salvation Army and I returned to my TA position at Moody Aviation AMT. I was promoted in my job (almost upon arrival) to the position of lab assistant/ tool room gal which was a huge answer to prayer. More hours and a pay raise? yes please!

Before I get to far into updating about life here, I want to mention our experience and thoughts coming out of Kenya. We enjoyed and appreciated out time in Kenya. We learned so many valuable life lessons there that I think would not have been possible or the same had we not gone. The desire of my heart is still very much fixed on overseas ministry. As I feel very strongly about this, Dan on the other hand feels very strongly called to minister with in the local church body. As far as he is concerned the body of believers could be here in spokane or a slum in India. He is not so much concerned about location as he is ministry which contrasts my desire for ministry in a location. This has created many interesting conversations in our home over the last couple of months.

In our most recent conversation Dan brought to my attention that I am willing to do things in another country, ministry wise, that I am not willing to do here in spokane. I could expound on this in great detail but the point is that Dan brought graciously to my attention that I am more concerned about my title as a “missionary” then actually ministering to people. This caught me completely off guard but the more I prayed about this I realized my husband was correct. I had become more concerned about being great for the Lord then actually sharing the gospel. Before I am ready to head out to a location I need to be content serving the Lord where I am planted. Dan is there. I am not. And that has been what the Lord and I have been working on together.

All this to say, we are not packing up for a life of ministry overseas just yet. But we certainly are gearing up for a life of full time ministry. Dan is currently in the process of applying to liberty university to pursue a masters in pastoral counseling with an emphasis in crisis and trauma. Pastoral counseling has been on Dans heart for a long time and we are very excited about him getting started and pursuing what we both feel the Lord is calling him to.

We have been continuing to serve in our church through music ministry on Sunday nights. We are also in the process of trying to start up an adult bible fellowship for the young adults in our church. This is something both of us, but particularly Dan, are very excited about! This has been one of his hearts desires for a long time. When we finally decided that we were going to stop talking about it and just pursue it he was ecstatic! He came home from work that night with all kinds of great ideas about how to make our adult bible fellowship as Christ centered and nurturing as possible. He was so excited and I was so proud of him. Im thrilled to get to follow my husband into a brand new ministry and see what the Lord will do through us in opening up our home to fellow believers.

Speaking of gearing up for a life of ministry, I forgot to mention the best part! A week after arriving home from Kenya we discovered that to our surprise we would be starting our family much sooner then expected. On Sept 1, Dan came home to a positive pregnancy test laying on the bathroom sink and a rather shocked and flustered but excited wife. We will now be ministering to a little boy for definitely the next 18 years and hopefully for the rest of our lives.

Dan and I are still praying and seeking the Lord on possible ministry over seas. But for the time being, we are pursuing serving him here where he has planted us. He has blessed both of us with good jobs, a church body excited for the ministry we want to start, an opportunity to pursue higher education and a precious baby coming in May. As of right now, it looks like spokane is our stop in the road. But who knows where the Lord will take us next.

Until next time!
Kate ❤


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