Story of a missionary nurse with AIM & Flickr!

We are in the second day of our third week and have a lot on our plates, a lot in our minds, and thankfully with adequate sleep, but not a lot of processing time.

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Gods family around the world

Wow… what a week!

I have been wanting to write all week about everything Dan and I have been experiencing but practically there is no way I can share everything. And many more stories will come over the next few weeks so I will have to pick my favorites!

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5 days in Nairobi

I’m doing a short update, because i want to do a great update with few words and more pictures!

I’ll just mention that i’ve been having quite a difficult time trying to find something to help me show lot’s of pictures with little work long term. So right now, the short term, i’ve just been looking and looking for the perfect “thing” (in wordpress it’s called a “widget” or “plug in”) to help me do just that in the midst of fun, work, spotty wifi, and more.

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