My “calling.” Urbana, Africa, & a proverb.

A missions conference that happens every 2 years. In a nutshell It is a time of being taught about, hearing examples of, praying for, and somehow one way or another being involved in missions. Thanks to our pastors, at the time Cpt. & Maj Smith’s, I got to go In December of 2012 with a friend of mine named Dylan. We met up with other people from the Salvation Army once there and it was a blast.

So what?
It was during the last meeting at Urbana that a small piece of paper was handed out with different questions and fill in the blanks. It was to challenge us if we where going to commit to the Lord by serving him through missions. 3 out of 4 fill in the blanks said:

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The word “SO” & mission updates. La palabra “así” y actualizaciones de la misión.

Did you know the word “so” is reported to be used unnecessarily often these days? Not just with young hip people, but also in professional fields, government, radio, etc. you can hear a little clip about this trend through this soundcloud link

SO Kate and I would like to let our family, friends, and passer by’s know that we are at about 52% of our fund raising! Praise God!

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His eye is on the sparrow so I know he watches me

Yesterday morning I was sitting in my car at 7:30 am thinking about the day of school ahead. I really just wanted to go back inside my house, get more coffee, knit and forget all the worries going on in my head. I was stressing and worrying about how Dan and I were going to come up with the money needed to finance our short term missions trip.

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Africa Bound/ Hacia África

>>>> Newsletter <<<< Click here to download and see the PDF version of the newsletter Kate wrote as promised in my previous Blog.

If you feel inclined to give and help us financially please follow this link:

Once there follow the instructions. Not too far down is the “Search for Designations” Search bar, type “Paredes” and you will be able to make a secure donation for our mission trip. 100% of your donation supports us. There is NO percentage being taken off of the full donation for using this online giving option. 🙂

If about 500 people donate $25.00 dollars that will cover us for the trip!

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A whole new world (in a few words)


Dear family, friends, acquaintances, and passer-by’s

I welcome myself to WordPress as a blogger. About what? You might ask, the big picture is yet to be unraveled, but for now the purposes and reasons as to why is to let the above mentioned know that my wife and I will be going to Nairobi, Kenya for a mission trip soon. Not just for you to know, but in some small way embark with us on this journey. That’s the nut shell.

Sometime this week I will be putting up our first news letter written by Kate a week ago about our, Lord willing, trip to Africa.

Thank you for reading, DP

Querida familia, amigos, conocidos y de transeúnte.

Doy la bienvenida a mí mismo para WordPress como blogger. ¿Sobre qué? Usted podría preguntarse, eso está todavía por desarrollarse, pero por ahora los propósitos y razones, de por qué, es para que el anteriormente mencionado sepa que mi esposa y yo pronto iremos a Nairobi, Kenia por un viaje misionero. No sólo para que sepan, pero también de alguna manera ustedes embarcar con nosotros en este viaje. Esa es la razón en pocas palabras.

En algún momento de esta semana pondré nuestra primera carta de noticias escrita por Kate hace una semana atrás sobre nuestro viaje a África con más detalle.

Gracias por leer, DP