When the gym meets fundraising…

So when I go to the gym I have to run on an elliptical cause basically I’m a wimp and need zero impact exercise. There is a screen where you can set a timed workout and what type of workout you want. When you set your time and start running, after you have completed 20% of the workout the sentence “Great job! You have completed 20% percent of your workout” comes across the screen. What the machine fails to tell me is that “you have 80% of your workout remaining.” Of course it doesn’t say that! It knows that I want to feel good about my 20% ! And I can do simple addition and subtraction so I know I have 80% left. Im sure you’re wondering why I am telling you about my routine at the gym. Well incase you couldn’t guess…. It ties into our support raising.

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3 to 9 in no time ! /3 a 9 en poco tiempo

Considering my previous 2 posts, I am so sure its obvious that I struggle with worry and trust. This is one of the reasons I feel so compelled to share again how the Lord has been revealing himself to Dan and I and teaching us (mostly me) that he will provide.

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