We hit a wall, but God was like “what wall?”/Llegamos a una pared, pero Dios dijo “¿qué pared?”


Have you ever ran? silly question, what i mean to ask is have you ever ran to the point where you have wanted to stop? Your body and your mind have had it. They want you to stop because you are reaching that point that you are out of their physical and mental COMFORT zone? Quick side-note,  i don’t mean the type of wall or “bonking” out that causes you to collapse out of a genuine depletion of stored energy from your body, don’t do that.

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3 to 9 in no time ! /3 a 9 en poco tiempo

Considering my previous 2 posts, I am so sure its obvious that I struggle with worry and trust. This is one of the reasons I feel so compelled to share again how the Lord has been revealing himself to Dan and I and teaching us (mostly me) that he will provide.

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